Mitzvah Day’s Chocolate Biscuit Brownies


2kg (approx. 80) plain digestive biscuits

1200g chocolate chips

8 tablespoons golden syrup

12 tablespoons (84g) butter

8 teaspoons vanilla essence


6 large foil containers, knives, spoons, cling film, plastic bags (to crush digestives in) gloves for children to wear on hands whilst preparing food, saucepans and camping stoves.



Grease foiled baking tray

Line with cling film

Melt chocolate & butter, stirring consistently to ensure mixture doesn’t burn

Add golden syrup & vanilla essence

Crush biscuits in plastic bag until medium sized pieces achieved

Add to mixture and fold in carefully

Put in lined baking tray and ensure top is flat

Cover and place in fridge

Allow to set for 3 hours

Cut into squares