Jewish Vegetarian Society – Chocolate Cheesecake

Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

Jewish Vegetarian Society (Lara Smallman)

The Jewish Vegetarian Society is a charity dedicated to promoting the many benefits of vegetarianism.

Chocolate Cheesecake
Image: Lara Smallman


500g raw walnuts

500g Medjool dates

1 kg cashews

250g cashew butter

250g extra virgin raw coconut butter

400g brown rice syrup

150g raw cocoa powder

sea salt (a pinch)


For the crust: blend walnuts, and dates. Press the crust into the bottom of desired pan.

For the filling: add the cashews, brown rice syrup, salt and water to the food processor. Next add the cacao powder, cashew butter and coconut oil to the mixture and blend them all together. Pour the filling over the crust and freeze for at least 4 hours.